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Quality target:
Company aim:
The quality first, credit above all, try best to satisfy customer’s demand.
Company policy:
Personnel's refinement,technique begs lately,the management is vivid,management from strict,treatment from excellent.The company gathers a product design,development,sale in the integral whole, with all sincerity for domestic and international the customer provide various excellent"the Great Wall" brand amount of work to have a product.
Company quality policy:
Product innovation,quality is originally,customer satisfied,keep on an improvement
Quality policy meaning:
A,product innovation:Science and technology is one productivity, the current international local market competition abnormality vehemence, the product renewal changes generation more and more quick, only strengthen the devotion of with development, the devotion of the technique equipments, expand a market by new product continuously, the company then can be sign in an invincible position,
B,quality is originally:The product quality obtains a market,support the company brand and prestige and obtains the premise with the customer satisfaction.Currently the product quality of the company, have already exceeded related standard in nation in the index signs, such as function and accuracy...etc., be placed in to lead a position in the domestic go together the industry, but together foreign advanced business enterprise,such as American stanley, etc. the international well-known brand compare, existing a certain margin still, therefore taking quality as origin, raising the product quality continuously, contending for creating the world famous brand, is our diligent consistent direction.
C,customer is satisfied:The satisfaction that acquires customer is the end purpose of our whole works.
The number of times told according to the hurl can reflect place, we serve of the level and customer satisfied degree.Our aim BE:Let the customer replace hurl to tell by good suggestion.

D,keep on an improvement:The management judge of every year, we all want is perfect according to the need of the customer,the exaltation product and the service quality request, reflect to the concrete quality target


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